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The best is when you get your own picture. And when you have questions I’ll be available for you by contact form or directly by telephone.

Jakob Voges Photographer, Amsterdam & Berlin

Portraits & Actors


Do you prefer Studio or on-location? Both is possible and guarantees great moments. In a studio you can do classical to modern stuff. On-location, we are able to create a little photo story that we can tell. If you have and ideas or questions, please feel free to contact me for an individual offer. We discuss all wishes together and create your personal conditions.


Please take your time before shooting for choosing 2 or 3 outfit ideas. We can re-arrange them, but it is better than bringing just a bunch.
  • Colors of clothing not so strong, more „earth tones“ (Or primary colors).
  • White shirt, grey, black or warm tones in common. Avoid strong colors that irritate eyes. Coat, leather jacket – what you prefer.
  • Maybe think about what you would wear when going to auditions?
  • The photos could reflect your outfit and the jury have an „aha“ effect.
  • Maybe one casual outfit and additional more elegant and one of your choice.
  • No tank tops or t-shirts, not too relaxed.


Actors, Artists, Sports

Through my experience on professional theatre stage, I have a clear feeling for what agencies are looking for. Absolutely critical for agencies is presence in the eyes that show all facets of your personality. Portrait photos and full body shots are important for a perfect overall impression, showing in a natural way.

Allround package: CI for Website, Flyer & Multimedia content

It is extremely important to have a meaningful multimedia presence for the perfect public relation. Flyer, Website and press photos are decisive criteria, to stay sustained in mind. I offer you therefore to create photos and Website together in an all-inclusive package, one handwriting. With passion for detail and animation.

Including coaching for genuine expressions

Before we start I will guide you for gestures and expressions, no worry. There are only 2 or 3 things to know. Quite easy and you’ll see that you can relax very soon! I will start to put the light on you, do some test shots and then we start in relaxed way. Each 10-15 minutes we do short brakes for reviewing.

You will see you will have a range of photos to select afterwards.


After the photo-session, you will receive a password protected gallery with image selection. Take your time and order your favourite photos. They will be processed for the final touch: perfect colors, removing dust, removing background. Whatever you want!
It is important to stay natural – only doing slightly skin-, color-, contrast correction. Each photo gets the VOGES DESIGN colors, like photos on this page.


Please contact me here for your photoshooting!



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