I love my job, I love my music - and I love pottery!

„Pottery Maurer“ – The “Traditional German Pitcher Manufacture” in Frankfurt am Main by Monika Maurer.

Over cups, caps, “Bembel” (traditional “Pitcher”) in all forms & sizes. You can even buy awesome stuff like Gummy Bears and dishes, liquors & gift-sets.

“I was a classical guitar teacher before I started to work as a “Bembel-Creator.” I taught for 20 years at the “Dr. Hochs Classical Conservatorium” in Frankfurt am Main. After my husband died I did both – “Musician” and “Bembel-Manufactor”! Sometimes I play at the National Theatre Wiesbaden (“Staatstheater Wiesbaden) in the MT-PIT.

Monika Maurer creates a Pitcher


The history of my business started 1973. Years ago this little factory was led by my husband and me.

My husband made his profession out of his passion – and I walked with him the whole way to open a small ceramics shop in “Frankfurt Sachsenhausen”, just with a small foot operated pedal potter’s wheel, some brushes, colors and a small oven.

He was a master in pottery and responsible for creating pitchers, cups and dishes, while I could live my passion to paint and give them a personal style.

Nowadays I deliver to private people, tourists, small and bigger businesses like the famous German Soccer Team „Eintracht Frankfurt“. I created for them a Fanshop with extra articles created by myself or even for clients like “Lufthansa”: they buy Bembels for their First Class passengers!

Guinness World Records lists the biggest created Bembel of the world 2012 in “Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen”, Germany and its “pouring device” was created in town “Offenbach” from Monika Maurer. Monika Maurer painted the Bembel as well, she needed 1 full day.

It contains up to 670 Liter (176 gallon) & weights 300 kg (661 pound). On 4th August 2013 it was delivered to Frankfurt am Main to the festival „Äppelwoifest“ (“Apple wine festival”) with an old steam train and a big parade.

Trivia: in 1908 a small “Frankfurt-Bornheim” restaurant created a Bembel that could contain 3600-0,5 Glasses of apple wine. It could contain 1080 Liter at a glas sitze of 0,3-liters or 900 Liters at glass size of 0,25-Liter. This Bembel was a show piece. But it wasn’t a real stone Bembel, it was created of cement and was not suitable to drink from.

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