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“So awesome is ...

TV-Magazine „taff“ shows, how vacation in „good old Germany works!”

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 So awesome is Germany!

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“Vacation at home in COVID-19 crisis”.

Documentary from Pro 7 / Taff, Germany

The COVID-19 seems to be in our all days life. Under special conditions, germans are allowed to travel again.


But worldwide destinations are not possible at the moment. Even one more time it’s time to proof, that Germany is a dream destination aswell. “taff” shows, how vacation in “good old Germany” is possible.



2011 I had finished my studies in Advertising & Fashion photography and startet to work directly self-employed. 2 years upfront I assisted a lot for excellent photographers for big projects in advertising, fashion & product photography. Also abroad. Highlights in that time were projects in Sao Paolo and Cape Town. Today I offer media design additionally to my photography. For example, I create print material or design webpages for my clients.

How do you develope your ideas?

It’s my passion to create genuine expressions and candid momnents in my photographs. With composition, light and colors I put accents on my work. I start to think associative: what comes to my mind, when thinking of the term “vacation”? Which elements, outfits and accessoires? Which daytime? Mood of the person? Which frame will I select?

Through playful approach with my ideas, “beautiful moments” are created. Combining different symbols in the picuture with a certain emotion, you tell a nice story. I mix in my head with different meanings, until I realize which certain idea in a photo is easy to decode from viewers without thinking too much.


I develope ideas constantly further, nothing is “set in stone forever”. The creative playroom creates a wide variety, very important for photos and their stories. The magic of one moment!

taff - the Lifestyle-Magazine on ProSieben / Germany

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Let’s face it: there’s no second chance for your first impression.

I help you to leave a remarkable impression at first sight.

And good quality images are the key to it!
Check out the professional photo services and tell me how I may help you!

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The story behind ...

taff-copyright- ProSiebenSat.1
taff copyright ProSiebenSat.1

... asks questions about my work

Why did you become a photographer? What is your passion?

My interest for people and their stories! I became a photographier to tell stories their which capture an unique moment. See things and learn new things I have never seen before.  I am as a photographer a “light painter”. Creating moods with lights makes fo much fun – and I fell in love with that job.

Did you ever had a very special client? Who are your clients?

All my clients are special. My clients are coming from corporate, advertising, actors, singers, documentaries, headshots and project on demand. Every human or company is different. I enjoy to watch into new worlds and showing working steps, personalities or creating a certain emotion for my clients. Telling their individual stories! Beside many artists and companies one highlight for me is a cooperation with Renault Berlin GMBH for years now, taking photos for their company with joy.

What was your most absurd situation/best as photographer?

On holidays I love to photograph animals and nature and their special moments. Something without people! A perfect contrast between my daily work and private creativity for getting new energy. Nature inspires me and from their everything began for me as photographer. 2013 in Swiss, “Klein Scheidegg”, in the nowhere of the mountains a friendly cow came across my way while taking photos. She photo bombed it completetly! I stayed on the ground calmly, she came slowly towards me. Very amusing! This moment has been captured for eternity!

Swiss cow

Are there difficulties/special things for you?

For me personally there are more “challenges” than “difficulties”. I have a clear approach for the perfect solution anytime individually. The right client-relationship is the most important thing for succsess. Honest interest. You need power, courage and discipline. Then you will find a way as photographer. My clients should forget the are photographed. I ask them for their stories in life. This creates real moments which my customers and I do love so much,. I am always demanded to stay up-to-date with technique and trends and updating my equipment.

What motivated you while COVID-19? What is different since the virus?

I am constantly adapting in this crisis. Adding new services and bring them to perfection. The reading of my clients needs is what motivates me, whether with or without crisis. To bring them far away from reality for one moment. Offer always best service! This creates trust. Especially in portraits there should be openess in the eyes, in the eyes is the soul. The first 1,5 month where tough for sure, but photo requests are coming back. People need trust and security. High hygenic standards and 2m distance anytime. Seeing peoples fear, hear them and present a solution. No evaluation – people “stamp” today too fast too much. This separates us. I think people still have empathy and solidarity for each other. This will lead us into a positive future!

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Phone & WhatsApp: +31- 6 14 93 76 04
Opening times: Mon. – Sat. 10:00 – 19:00

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