TOFFY ACROBAT READ ON Text by: Toffy Acrobat <b>About me</b> INFORMATION I’m Toffy - an acrobat in training on the path to becoming a professional circus performer. My journey has been quite different to what you might expect for one on the path of a circus performer. I did not start training as a child, nor was I born into a circus family. No such luck. Mom says she has no idea where I got this passion for training circus. warm-up! Next > <b> One day though</b> "One day though,
everything changed."
Instead I became a project manager. Quietly living a circus life but, only in my dreams. One day though, everything changed.

Under a wash of rich blue purple circus lights I sat perfectly still, thrilled by the brilliant acrobats as they performed their hard won and often dangerous skills
TOFFY: From a very young age I admired acrobats and have always been deeply inspired by their magic and ability. I always loved to move and dance but was, until recently, too shy to take the calling from my heart seriously.
<b>This is your home</b> "The very next day I signed
up for my first silks class."
Dancers in silk, fearlessly flying at such dizzying heights it caused my heart to crack. With tears I sat frozen in a world of strength and beauty I wished would never end. It was in this moment that I heard a voice. TOFFY: "This is your home. This is how you were meant to live. To touch peoples hearts with your movement."
<b>Finally performer</b> Not long after I was given the opportunity to perform on a modest stage. This was a gift of the greatest pleasure, finally allowing me to overcome my fear of expressing feelings. I am in love with seeing people react and feel the emotions when I dance on the air. Lost in the music, expressing whatever story comes through for that moment. Wanting only to be fully alive and inspire those watching to join me there.

I am becoming professional performer. My life as a project manager must end and my life as a performer must become my whole life.
I have been accepted into a renowned circus school in London called NCCA where many top talent are trained. The school will immediately advance me into the second year as the skills I gained training on my own allow it. My challenge though, is to raise the tuition fee and living expenses so that I may fully commit to the program and hope to emerge as an inspiring and employable artist. And so, I seek the help of my family and community.
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