What should I wear for my photo session?

Get prepared for your photo session!

Uber's founding engineer Conrad Whelan
Uber's founding engineer Conrad Whelan

I get you covered!

You are heading to the photo session forΒ your perfect photos, but what should you wear?

First, start with what you makes feel confident and authentically you. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable wearing something that you’d never put on.

Solid colors

Next, I’d recommend toΒ avoid strong eye-catchingΒ patterns. Instead, aim for simpleΒ colours thatΒ leave theΒ attention on your face,Β where it should be!

Headshots for the webpage

Keep it simple

Finally, a simpleΒ accessory like a necklace or reading glasses can beΒ nice, but I’d recommend avoiding any large jewlery or items that can draw attention.

Put it all together

Put it all together and here is what you get!


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