Website for the best price

Your personal Webpage. Easy to use.

Would you like to have a simple Website with WordPress or do you need special photos?

A website you can edit without worrying about programming?

Choose from a selection of different Themes your favorite. We do the rest for you!

Send us your texts and photos (or book additionally a photo-shoot for the perfect roundup).

Price includes fee of Theme and setting-up the Server. If you need another Theme, please let us know and write a message. Thank you!

Backup & Updates of your Website

Updates & Backups

There are regular updates of your Theme, WordPress and Plugins used. Additionally for security reasons we recommend you to be always updated. This is the best against hacker attacks and suspicious messages.

For 20€ a month you receive the security package with backup included and maintenance. (6 month running time) Of course, there is never a 100% protection, but Websites that stay updated and backed-upped are the most secure ones, because old installations may be a risc.


  • Regulary Update of WordPress, Theme & Plugins
  • Regulary Backup of complete Webpage

If you would like to use commercial Plugins, we will do an individually approach. Normally you buy that for yourself and I will install it for you.


Updates on request only

If you decide to do updates only if needed, you pay a one-time fee of 60€ per request. If that would take longer than normally, we inform you right away upfront including all extra-fees. This is the case, if the webpage hasn’t been updated for a long time period.


Flyer, Poster, Rollups – we have the best solution for you!


Please contact us here. We love to help.



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