“I was a classical guitar teacher before I started to work as a “Bembel-Creator.” I taught for 20 years at the “Dr. Hochs Classical Conservatorium” in Frankfurt am Main. After my husband died I did both – “Musician” and “Bembel-Manufactor”! Sometimes I play at the National Theatre Wiesbaden (“Staatstheater Wiesbaden) in the MT-PIT.



Monika Maurer cleans the material …

… and is happy about the perfect result!

An eye for detail and a calm hand is important for that kind of work!

The history of my business started 1973. Years ago this little factory was led by my husband and me.

My husband made his profession out of his passion – and I walked with him the whole way to open a small ceramics shop in “Frankfurt Sachsenhausen”, just with a small foot operated pedal potter’s wheel, some brushes, colors and a small oven.


He was a master in pottery and responsible for creating pitchers, cups and dishes, while I could live my passion to paint and give them a personal style.


Nowadays I deliver to private people, tourists, small and bigger businesses like the famous German Soccer Team „Eintracht Frankfurt“. I created for them a Fanshop with extra articles created by myself or even for clients like “Lufthansa”: they buy Bembels for their First Class passengers!


Guinness World Records lists the biggest created Bembel of the world 2012 in “Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen”, Germany and its “pouring device” was created in town “Offenbach” from Monika Maurer. Monika Maurer painted the Bembel as well, she needed 1 full day. It contains up to 670 Liter (176 gallon) & weights 300 kg (661 pound). On 4th August 2013 it was delivered to Frankfurt am Main to the festival „Äppelwoifest“ (“Apple wine festival”) with an old steam train and a big parade. Trivia: in 1908 a small “Frankfurt-Bornheim” restaurant created a Bembel that could contain 3600-0,5 Glasses of apple wine. It could contain 1080 Liter at a glas sitze of 0,3-liters or 900 Liters at glass size of 0,25-Liter. This Bembel was a show piece. But it wasn’t a real stone Bembel, it was created of cement and was not suitable to drink from.

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