The Artist Monika has been leading a private Paint School for Kids in in Wiesbaden for years, where she focuses on developing specific skills and facilitate personal creative development to evolve creative potential. 2001 the EVIM (facilitiy for the handicapped children) made a project together with Monia Niebergall called โ€œMal_Andersโ€. (โ€œpaint-differentlyโ€)

Every thursday evening the members of the handycapped-home meet with Monika Niebergall in the pavillion to paint together. Through painting, horizons are opened and give them the possibility to express themselfes. Everyone is different and special โ€“ and Monika Niebergall sees every member as normal a person. โ€œART brutโ€ is a style of art, that was created for amateurs, children and handicapped people by the french painter โ€œJean Dubuffetโ€.

Art knows no handicap โ€“ handicap knows Art! Get over your own limits to see Art as such โ€“ and not otherness in the foreground. By donations and selling the pictures the annual amount of 15.000 โ‚ฌ can be guaranteed. The paintings are colour intensive pictures โ€“ they are unique by its expressiveness which shows the pure soul.

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