Lisa Leilani (Teufelberger)
Lisa Leilani (Teufelberger) - Actress & Model - Agency: Artistes Collective Talent Management

Lisa contacted me to get new photos for her acting agency and website. After a short phone call it was clear that her wishes were easy to fulfill…

We met in her apartment near the Westerpark, which was a really charming location for us.

Various genres, from classic headshots to advertising shots were on the agenda!

Lisa’s personality and character can be perfectly described in one word: fabulous! She knows how to move and feel in front of the camera, thanks to her experience and professionalism as a model and actress.

We had wonderful 3 photo session hours that include photos that last for years to come.

Lisa was more then happy with the results and we can not wait to make another photo session in the future!

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