Excerpt Clients:

Laxvox – explained by Stefanie A. Kruse,
Renault Berlin GmbH,
Devi Ananda-Dahm,
Neuromed Berlin,
Erasys GmbH Berlin,
Stefanie Köhm Sängerin,
Hospiz- und PalliativVerband Berlin e.V.,
Malteser Berlin,
PG30, Berlin

Wiard Witholt
Opera Singer

Super professional! Nice, funny, relaxed and has an eye for people! Always again!

Medical Wengert

Photos for public work and Webpage. Conclusion: best planning, very pleasant photoshooting, wonderful pictures! Highly recommendable!

Stefanie Köhm
Musical Singer

A very professional, empathetic, creative and open minded photographer!

Thomas Zimmer

Relaxing and inspiring Photoshooting. Jakob took time für my wishes, created superb ideas and worked with passion. On Set he created a good atmosphere, so I could relax. The pictures fit my needs as actor, to show various styles, authenticity and moods. Highly recommendable!

Raphaele Green
Opera Singer

I had a great experience with Jakob designing my website!! He realized everything I asked and the result is awesome!! Plus, he is always available to answer questions or to help.

Erasys GmbH Berlin

Jakob was very professional and after a short briefing for our Corporate Image Projects, he delivered excellent photography for our company website. I am really happy with the results.

Felicitas Geipel
Artist & Singer

Jakob was able to make me look natural, good and my real self! We had a lot of fun to try different things and we were happily surprised by the results! He is glowing for ideas and you really feel empathy and relaxation while the Photoshooting. We will definitely repeat this one day again!

Thomas Lascheit
Company Director. Speech therapist

Mr. Voges has made my office rooms and portrait. He fulfilled my wishes after only a short Briefing completely and put his creativity to my maximum satisfaction.

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